My name is Danny, I am happy that you stumbled across

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Who is Danny?

I’ve been training Taekwondo, since the early 90. Had a long break from the sport on 16 years, started again in 2017. I am currently, a red belt with three black stripes(1.kup Danish belt system). My own first goal is to get my Black belt, which if everything works out – is gonna be Okt 2018. This is my childhood dream coming true. I am fully aware though, that with the black belt, the journey is just started. Which is a journey I look forward to taking, I am currently training in a local taekwondo club, where I live “Soo-Bak Tommerup”. My journey started in Thisted Sun-Do, were I¬†was training until my long break from Taekwondo.

Besides the Taekwondo passion, I live with my Girlfriend and our son. And every other week, I have my other son and daughter too. I work as a Key Account Manager for a small IT Company in Denmark.