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Interview with Master Marcos Starling 7th Dan

Master Starling’s Taekwondo journey dates back to 1976 when he decided to switch from Karate to Taekwondo. Starling was Brazilian champion in 1979 and that same year he began teaching Taekwondo and Self Defense for the Military Police in João Monlevade, Brazil. Starling was the introducer of Taekwondo in the interior of Brazil, recognized and respected for his teaching skills in Taekwondo and Physical Education in Municipal schools, he received a medal of honor from the Mayor of the City, João Monlevade. Starling was named Athlete of the Year in 1980 by the Press Association in the State of Minas Gerais, Brazil.

“I Started in 1976 after I decided to change from Karate to Taekwondo. Taekwondo simply fell in favor at that time. My interest in taekwondo and martial arts, in general, is for me more a lifestyle, than just a sport. Which my long period with exactly martial arts proves very fine if you ask me.”

A lot of people are interested in Taekwondo, especially because of the beautiful kicks. The same goes for Master Starling, his motivation lies in the hunt for a better life, and a life in balance.

“I am always in pursuit of a better life and I really like the beauty of the kicking skills in Taekwondo.”

The secret lies in the details, and knowing what we do when we exercise and perform our series of Taegueks and Poomsaes, or train our techniques in general. Why do we move the way we do, hit, and kick the way we do.

“Today is the martial part of it, the philosophy and the meaning of the skills. Without knowing the meaning of what you do, you will never be complete.”

Achievements can be a lot of things, and our point of view can change throughout our lives. What we think was a big achievement in our younger years, maybe something different to us when we get older.

“For me, the biggest achievement is The wisdom of living life and wisdom of being a Master of Taekwondo, which put me in a position where I can teach and bring this knowledge to the next generations of Taekwondo.”

Master Starling is determined to be happy, so much that this is his goal for now and in the future.

“I want to Celebrate life every day and be happy every day the best way I can, without worry about the future and I will never regret the past.”

Master starlings advise if you want to give Taekwondo a chance:

“Practice the real Martial Taekwondo and try to find a way of living your life based on the philosophy of “Living life in the Martial Way”

Master Marcos Starling
Taekwondo 7th Dan KKW, WT-USA & MooDukKwan
Police Defensive Tactics Instr., Krav Maga-Survival Combat Instr.
Member U.S. Martial Arts Hall of Fame, World Record in breaking demo.

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