100 Likes on facebook! Thank you :)

What a tremendous start we have had, only 8 days ago we official launched And already we reached our first goal, which is humble and not that “big of a deal” for many. But in our perspective, when a goal is reached a new one submerges.

100 Likes and a lot more has actually happened in the past 8 days, we have had visitors from all over the world. And a lot of them! To give you an idea, we have decided to share some stats with you guys.

first 8 days: 4.837 visitors and 24.523 pageviews.

We have already a great pipeline of interviews build up, so stay tuned for more great interviews and stories from and about all the fantastic Taekwondo athletes out there.

A great story is nothing if nobody reads it, so please continue to share and send likes our way. That’s the only way to reach and inspire all coming and current athletes. Thank you!

Best Regards
Danny Millek – Siteowner


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