Interview with World Champion Elif Aybüke Yılmaz

In this interview with the 10th WORLD TAEKWONDO POOMSAE CHAMPION 2016, we get a glimpse of a Taekwondo journey that started at the age of 4. Elif’s own father once where a Taekwondo champion as well, so it is easy to imagine where the inspiration came from.

“ı was 4 years old when my father came home from a European championship and brought me a gold medal, and a toy with a medal… I choose the gold medal as a favorite of course and he then told me to start my taekwondo journey, so that I myself could bring some more gold medals to our home. That’s how it all began for me”

Today the motivation lies in inspiring students and other athletes, but especially one motivator has been running in Elif’s veins throughout her entire career.

“Basically, inspiring other people is motivating me. And the will of victory… that ambition is like a fire in me. its always keeping me super focused and making sure that I keep improving both when competing and when training.”

Most athletes have favorites inside the sport, but for Elif it makes no sense splitting it up.

“Actually, I love all the parts of taekwondo… I can’t split any part from the other to choose from because it is part of the sport, to “paint” a whole picture… it would be meaningless for me.”

When you ask a World champion, about achievements it is almost obvious which achievement that counts the most.

“Of course, 2016 World Championships, Gold Medal from under 30 female individual and MVP!!! you know, MVP – whooaaah 🙂 This is still making me excited :)”

Under 30 Individual Female Final | Marcela CASTILLO TOKUMORI (PER) vs Elif Aybuke YILMAZ (TUR) in the video below:

World champion, what’s next? Every Taekwondo journey should have goals, and make new goals when reaching the first ones. And Elif still got big dreams and goals.

“I want to be the best coach in the world… And I want to be a professor… I wanna teach people how to be better sportsmen and better coaches. I want to teach them science is real and it works :)”

Are you considering Taekwondo, take a bit of free advise from Elif:

“One thing I can say: NEVER GIVE UP ! because it will be hard in many parts of your career. But if you don’t give up, you will reach your goal in the end:)”

Elif Aybüke Yılmaz
25 Years Old
4th Dan Black Belt
Turkish Taekwondo Poomsae Team Member- Sportsman
Aski Sport Club

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