Interview with World Champion Enes Doğuhan BİLGİN 2th Dan Taekwondo athlete

Inspiration comes in many forms and from a lot of different things and people. But in Enes’case, it came from his father who himself once was a champion.

“I’m an idealistic person who loves sports. Also, I was active when I was a kid and I still am. I have always loved fighting. My father trained Taekwondo too and he was a champion. He guided me and taught me Taekwondo. He has always supported me, that’s how I started.”

Even though Enes is young his visions and goals are clear and when he gets an idea, he doesn’t rest before his goals are achieved. He is also very aware of what motivates him.

“The only thing that keeps me motivated is the love of my country and the flag, I’m very proud of where I come from. Before I even started training Taekwondo, I was very clear about what I wanted to achieve; ”Being The World Champion”. I have never given up – all my achievements made me the motivated person, I am. It helped me stay focused on my goal and kept me going.
In short: : My country, my flag and my biggest wish made me succeed.”

Everybody has favorites in sports, this also applies in Taekwondo. And for Enes this is no different, especially Freestyle Poomsae is the young athlete’s favorite.

“To me, the best part of Taekwondo is the freestyle poomsae. Because the person makes the series himself/herself by her/his own. Like shapes or moves. We choose them. And – with music – it’s so much better. And you can add other sports’ techniques to your moves. which is very important for me.”

Setting goals, and achieving them is satisfying – in particular when your goal is to be the world champion.

“My biggest achievement was my goal, which I set before I even started Taekwondo: To become the World Champion – and I achieved it. I reached my goal in May of 2017 in Rhodes. When they called my name, as the Taekwondo World Champion I felt perfect. I felt perfect because I finally achieved my goal. I have never felt like that before. It was awesome!

World champion, what’s next? The dedication and motivation – to be the World Champion – it doesn’t go away, even when you reach your goals. They only trigger a new goal and make our dreams even bigger.

“My future goal is; being a successful person every time. I’m good at Taekwondo and I want to show my success to the whole world again and again. I want to be a significant person in Taekwondo, not weak and overlooked. And I will do my sport as long as I’m healthy.”

A piece of advice, from the champ, if you are considering Taekwondo:
“My only advice is: find out who you really are. Then ask yourself these questions;
1) Why do you want to do Taekwondo? Just for being healthy or for being an athlete?
2) Will you be patient?
Your answers are important tor the outcome of your Taekwondo journey.”

Enes Doğuhan BİLGİN, 16 Years old
2th Dan, Turkey National Team

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