Taekwondo Seeks a Balance of Heart, Mind, and Body in our Everyday Lives

Martial arts training is misunderstood by many. Often it is portrayed only as a violent physical sport. Taekwondo is the breadth and depth of integrating a training philosophy of calm control and power. Taekwondo is also the spiritual side of attaining qualities such as mental and physical control. It is more than just learning how to throw a punch or a kick. There is more than the how, there is also the why. It is more than just a physical sport, it embodies the spiritual aspect of attaining qualities such as humility and patience. It is a philosophical training of the mind and of the body.

What are some of the reasons one should consider Taekwondo training?
Foremost, it is a process of strengthening your mind and body through physical conditioning, physical coordination, and mental discipline. This allows oneself to develop discipline by training your body and mind in the techniques of Taekwondo. You can build confidence in yourself and succeed in taking control of your life. Each step or level in competency feeds back upon you to garner greater confidence. (Upcoming separate article on the interdependent feedback system of competency and confidence in “Why Martial Arts Training is a Good Thing for your Children”). The potential of self-defense by learning how to recognize situations where physical self-defense may be necessary is teaching you how to control and resolve such situations to your advantage. This is often, an incredible boost in self-esteem which occurs as you raise your physical, mental, and emotional powers.

As a student of Taekwondo, one can gain more than just techniques of self-defense, or self- improvement. Every area of your life has the potential of improving in a positive way. You can look forward to becoming more energetic, more fit, and active. You can learn and fine tune your self-control and treat others with courtesy and respect. You can even benefit from the structure of training to improve yourself by setting and achieving goals, to persevere through challenges, and gain more acute focus in your life.
Training in the Korean based martial arts of Taekwondo should be a continuing journey. One can start this up at any age. It continually seeks a balance of heart, mind, and body in our everyday lives.
All this takes place in a community of like-minded people!

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